The Chair 


Each chair is custom made for each individual player. Chairs are made out of either aluminum alloy or titanium. The chair's weight ranges between 15 and 35 lbs and cost can vary from $2000 to up to $5000.




Camber is when the wheels are angled so that the bottom of the wheel is further away from the chair than the top. Camber gives the chair better lateral stability which helps prevents sideway falls and helps to turn the chair quicker.




The anti-tip, or fifth wheel, is in place to prevent the wheelchair from flipping backwards. Players can also use the fifth wheel to lean back on it, enabling them to create space between them and the defender in order to take a shot or make a pass.




The bumper or wing on a chair is mainly made to take impact and to protect a players feet from all the contact that occurs. It also prevents a defender from sticking their chair between the back and front wheels and preventing the player from moving.