Dribble/Traveling Rule

A player may:(a) Wheel the chair by two pushes on the wheels (one hand or two hands in eitherdirection) of the chair followed by one or more taps of the ball to the floor, afterwhich he/she may start pushing again.(b) Wheel the chair and bounce the ball simultaneously just as a player may run and bounce the ball simultaneously in regular basketball. He/She may not pushmore than twice in succession with one hand or two hands in either direction.Taking more than two pushes in succession constitutes a traveling violation andthe ball is awarded to the opposing team out of bounds.


Wheel Position

The large wheels of the chair must be behind and not over the free throwline. The point of contact for the large wheels of the chair with the floor must be behind the free throw line however, the front casters may be on or over the line.


Location of a Player 

Determined by where any part of the chair istouching the floor as far as being inbounds or out of bounds or being in the front courtor back court.



It is legal to pivot as in regular basketball. A pivot takes placewhen a player, who is holding the ball, turns the chair to the left or right in a given place without specific direction


Player Classification & Team Balance




To encourage more individuals with severe disabilities to participate. 

To extend the opportunities of participation to more individuals. 

To encourage new teams. To make competition more equitable among existing and new teams. 

To counter a tendency on the part of some teams to use exclusively players with lesser disabilities, thereby seemingly discouraging people with severe disabilities and making for inequitable competition. To maintain high standards of competition, quality of play and spectator interest.


Team Balance


Players will be classified and given a score of 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 dedpending on their level of function on the court. All teams will be required to field a team of 15 points or less. Division III Team Point Restriction: Teams In Division III may only play with a maximum of two class 3.5,4.0 or 4.5  players on the floor at any given time.. For this season Division III, Championship Division and Women’s Division will play with 15 points on the court. The junior division will not use classification points. At this time there is no point restriction for Division III as long as there is a maximum of 15 points on the court at one time. College Division should refer to the College Division Guidelines for points clarifications. All women that play on Championship and Division III teams will drop 1 point. Exception: No female player may drop below a class 1.0 at any time